Selected Publications

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Neutrophils as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer

Granot Z.

Frontiers in Immunology

Neutrophil Cathepsin G and Tumor Cell RAGE Facilitate Neutrophil Anti-Tumor Cytotoxicity

 Sionov RV, Fainsod-Levi T, Zelter T, Polyansky L, Pham CT and Granot Z.


TRPM2 modulates neutrophil attraction to murine tumor cells by regulating CXCL2 expression

Gershkovitz M, Fainsod-Levi T, Zelter T, Sionov RV and Granot Z.

Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy


Microenvironmental cues determine tumor cell susceptibility to neutrophil cytotoxicity

Gershkovitz M, Fainsod-Levi T, Khawaled S, Shaul ME, Sionov RV, Cohen-Daniel L, Aqeilan RI, Shaul YD, Fridlender ZG and Granot Z.

Cancer Research

TRPM2 mediates neutrophil killing of disseminated tumor cells

Gershkovitz M, Caspi Y, Fainsod-Levi T, Katz B, Michaeli J, Khawaled S, Lev S, Polyansky L, Shaul ME, Sionov RV, Cohen-Daniel L, Aqeilan RI, Shaul YD, Mori Y, Karni R, Fridlender ZG, Binshtok AM and Granot Z.

Cancer Research


The regulation of pre-metastatic niche formation by neutrophils

Jablonska J, Lang S, Sionov RV and Granot Z.


Tumor-associated neutrophils induce apoptosis of non-activated CD8 T-cells in a TNFα and NO-dependent mechanism, promoting a tumor-supportive environment.

Michaeli J, Shaul ME, Mishalian I, Hovav AH, Levy L, Zolotriov L, Granot Z and Fridlender ZG.


Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1 Mediates Immune Cell Attraction upon Urinary Tract Infection.

Isaacson B, Hadad T, Glasner A, Gur C, Granot Z, Bachrach G and Mandelboim O.

Cell Rep.

Always Look On the Bright Side: Anti-Tumor Functions of Neutrophils.

Völs S, Sionov RV and Granot Z.

Curr Pharm Des

Neutrophil, quo vadis?

Jablonska J and Granot Z.

J Leukoc Biol.

The diversity of circulating neutrophils in cancer.

Mishalian I, Granot Z and Fridlender ZG.



Macrophages and Neutrophils: Regulation of the Inflammatory Microenvironment in Autoimmunity and Cancer.

Rahat MA, Coffelt SB, Granot Z, Muthana M and Amedei A.

Mediators Inflamm